Archive photo of the orignal defendants in defamation suits brought by an Australian mining company

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“Victory for activism and free speech” as judge rules in favour of SA lawyers, activists and social worker

  • Western Cape Deputy Judge President Patricia Goliath has ruled that the defamation action brought by Australian mining interests against six South Africans constitutes a SLAPP suit.
  • SLAPP is an acronyn for Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation.
  • Judge Goliath said the lawsuit had been brought against the six because of their opposition to the operations of Mineral Commodities and Mineral Sands Resources.
  • The defendants have hailed the judgment as a victory for free speech.

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Submission to SANEF Media Ethics and Credibility Inquiry on measures to support journalists to heal from and transcend the effects of State Capture.

“So, let us today drudge on about our inescapably impossible task of providing every week a first rough draft of history that will never really be completed about a world we can never really understand.”

About John GI Clarke

John Clarke hopes to write the wrongs of the world, informed by his experience as a social worker and theologian, to actualise fundamental human rights and satisfy fundamental human needs.  He has lived in the urbanised concentration of Johannesburg, but has worked mainly in the rural reaches of the Wild Coast for the past decade.  From having paid a fortune in toll fees he believes he has earned the right to be critical of Sanral and other extractive institutions, and has not held back while supporting Sustaining the Wild Coast (, the Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute ( and the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (, in various ways.