Hidden Literature

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Graeme Addison’s review of “The Promise of Justice”.


This is being done in the course of advocating in my professional capacity as a social worker for the interests of whistleblowers who are subjected to ‘lawfare’ from the weaponised use of the law by guilty Powers intent on smothering their inconvenient Truth. They also find themselves targets of retaliation through the media. He has helped guide me in my quest to ensure the media can reliably protect and not expose whistleblowers.

The digital era has turned us into skaters over the written word: fast, superficial readers. We are fearful of breaking the surface in case we fall into deep thought.

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What next?


 We had hoped that publicity and media profile would pressure the authorities to swiftly intervene to better police the situation and investigate allegations of intimidation.

Giving Power Away.

The Power Paradox

UC Berkeley psychologist Dr. Dacher Keltner argues in his celebrated book The Power Paradox: How We Gain and Lose Influence, that compassion and selflessness enable us to have the most influence over others and the result is power as a force for good in the world.

Citizen: Witness Protection

The tragedy has stirred in me the resolve to ensure that there is a merger of solidarity between environmental activists and whistleblowers in stopping vexatious ‘lawfare’. I have coined the acronym SLOW — Strategic Litigation On Whistleblowers. Two months before Ms Deocoran was killed I wrote this article warning that “whistleblowers were left vulnerable and at risk”.

About John GI Clarke

John Clarke hopes to write the wrongs of the world, informed by his experience as a social worker and theologian, to actualise fundamental human rights and satisfy fundamental human needs.  He has lived in the urbanised concentration of Johannesburg, but has worked mainly in the rural reaches of the Wild Coast for the past decade.  From having paid a fortune in toll fees he believes he has earned the right to be critical of Sanral and other extractive institutions, and has not held back while supporting Sustaining the Wild Coast (www.swc.org.za), the Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute (www.safcei.org.za) and the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (www.outa.co.za), in various ways.